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Walkthrough static data: Engineering module

This article is intended to accompany the series of in-app Vitruvi tutorials which guide users through the "Engineering" Module. The following sample data should be added to the locations in Vitruvi's Engineering Module specified in their respective tutorials; the following Project Requirements should be set up before starting the in-app walkthroughs. You can find more information on general Engineering set-up in the file type requirements article, as well as the Design Element Attribute Set-up tutorial. Additionally, you can download the sample data and example Design Files at the end of this article.

Project Requirements

Before you begin the Engineering tutorials, please ensure your project is set up with the following: 

1. All Administrative data set-up, including:

General Admin: Labor Items, Material Quantity Descriptions, Payable Item Categories, Work Order Categories, Work Item Categories, Materials, Equipment, Roles, People, Crews, Contractors, and Network Symbology
Network Operator Admin: Network Operator set-up, Program, program segment, region; program standards including: Material Categories, Materials, Payable Item Categories, Work Order Categories, and Design Element Types
The appropriate quantity descriptions ("length" and "default") set up in the api Admin (please contact Vitruvi support for assistance)

2. The appropriate regional breakdown added in the api Admin

For the demo data, use this regional breakdown:
State: Missouri

3. The appropriate Design Element Attribute Fields added in the api Admin 

For the demo data, use the data from the "Engineering Set-up: DESIGN ELEMENT ATTRIBUTES" table below

4. The appropriate Work Packages for your project generated in Vitruvi's Work Management module

For the demo data, include 2 Work Packages: "Drops Installation-Missouri" and "Distribution Network-Missouri" (see Vitruvi Assistant walkthroughs "Work Management | WBS Set-up 1.1" and "Engineering | Pre-module Setup")

5. Demo project: the demo Design files attached to this article downloaded to your device 

Design Element Types to include

Before you begin the Engineering modules, please ensure that you have added the following Design Element Attributes to the API Admin portal (see the static tutorial for reference). You can also download the following data in the Downloads section below.

Engineering Setup


Use the following Excel and KML files as demo data for your training project.

Static User Info - Engineering Set-up.xlsx


A1_cable - final.kml