Tutorial: Adding Design Element Attribute Fields

Learn how to create Design Element Attribute fields for different Design Element types in the Administration API.

If you're an administrator working with Vitruvi, this tutorial will guide you through accessing Vitruvi's API Administration portal to set up attribute fields on Design Elements. Note that in this back-end Admin portal, Design Element Attributes are referred to as "As Built Requirements".

General Tutorial

Step 1:

Log into api.YOUR-VERSION-HERE.vitruvi.cc/admin with your Vitruvi account email and password.

Step 2:

On the main page, scroll down until you see the heading "Network Operator". Click the link for "As built requirements".




Step 3:

On the As Built Requirements page, click the "Add as built requirement" button at the top right.




Step 4:

On the "Add As built requirements" page, input the appropriate data in the following areas for the Design Element Attribute you wish to add:

  1. Element Category: the Design Element types for a particular Network Operator, in a drop down list with the name format "Design Element Type (Network Operator)". Select the Element Category you would like to add an attribute to.
  2. Name: Enter the name of your desired attribute.
  3. Code: enter a code for the attribute. Can be the same as the name, or a specific (potentially shorter) code.
  4. Description: optional; describe what goes into this attribute.
  5. Data type: choose the data type for the attribute. Can be number, string (numbers and letters), list (values chosen below), boolean (yes/no), or file.
  6. Order: affects the order in which this attribute displays in the Design Element details page.
  7. "Is Mandatory" checkbox: check if the presence of this attribute is mandatory for the creation of any Design Elements of this type; uncheck if the attribute represents optional data.
  8. Visibility on mobile app: controls whether mobile users can see or edit the attribute's values. Options include editable, hidden, and view only.
  9. List values (for data type of "list"): conditional; values to choose from in the attribute list if the List data type was selected (note that if the "list" data type is selected, and values chosen, the values in your design file must exactly match the values selected here, case included).


ABR Data


Step 5:

After inputting the data appropriate to your project, click the "SAVE" button at the bottom of the page to add this Design Element Attribute to the system.


ABR Save


You have now completed the process, and may review the As-Built Requirement you added, add more As Built Requirements, or log out. 

Adjusting Design Element Attribute visibility based on Work Item type

Occasionally, you may have a Design Element that requires multiple Work Items to complete, but only requires certain Design Element Attributes be completed on some of the Work Items and not others. To define exceptions to the default visibility/"is mandatory" settings as listed above, follow these steps from the Vitruvi™ back-end API.

Step 1

Scroll down to the "Production" section and click "Production Report as built requirement visibilitys".

DEA visibility - 1


Step 2

At the top right of the page, click on "Add Production Report as built requirement visibility".

DEA visibility - 2


Step 3

Fill in the following fields as appropriate.

  1. As built requirement: Select the name of the As-built requirement (see previous process) that you wish to edit.
  2. Work Item Template: Select the Work Item Template for the kind of Work Item that has a different visibility/"is mandatory" requirement. Selecting the Work Item Template will ensure all new Work Items that are created will follow the rules set here.
  3. Order: Type in the order this requirement will appear in the Design Element Attributes list. You can re-use the same order number from the selected As-built Requirement's existing settings.
  4. "Is Mandatory" checkbox: Check if you want this As-built Requirement to be mandatory on the selected Work Item template; leave it unchecked if you want it to NOT be mandatory. Whatever you select here will override the general "Is Mandatory" settings on this As-built Requirement for the selected Work Item Template.
  5. Visibility on Mobile App: Choose one of the following visibility levels - hidden, view only, and editable. Whatever you select here will override the general Visibility settings on this As-built Requirement for the selected Work Item Template.
DEA visibility - 3


Step 4

Click the "Save" button to save this As-built Requirement Visibility.

Add DE Upload template 4-small


You have now completed the process, and may add more Production Report As Built Requirement Visibilities, or log out. 


For the Engineering Module Tutorials

If you are going through the in-app walkthroughs for the Engineering Module, be sure to download/copy the data from the Engineering in-app walkthrough companion article when creating Design Element Attributes for ACME Telco.