October 2019 update - Field Reporting Improvements

Web Version: 1.8; Mobile Version: 1.8; Release date: Oct 6

The latest release of Vitruvi™ covers a number of key features, including Timesheet improvements, printable Field Reports, and many other great capabilities.

Key features

Advanced Time Reporting

Improve your cost tracking with redesigned, more detailed timesheets.

  • Improved mobile Timesheet page lets you create time entries based on Work Item.
  • Include other Crew members’ and Crew Equipment’s hours on timesheets.
  • New page on web lets you review, submit, and report on Timesheets in the office.

report time for

Printed Production Reports

Ease your field techs’ transition to Vitruvi™ through printed Field Report templates.

  • One-button-download of pre-made reports from Work Items.
  • Fill in the blanks to report on time spent, materials, as-built data - anything from Mobile reports!

Vitruvi_Production Report_Pull Fibre Cable  885-1

Mobile App Upgrades

We’ve made vast improvements to the Mobile app, including a version reconfigured for viewing on tablets!

  • Tablet app now has a split-screen view and rotation support.
  • Comment on a Material or Labor item to track unexpected costs.
  • Field Reports save automatically while editing.


For more details, please see the attached release notes.
For a full list of updates, please see our Change Log.