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Mobile: How to access and use Folders

Organize files attached to a Field Report with folders

If you have several files to attach to a single Work Item on a Field Report, you can use folders to group them by topic.

Step 1

Fill out most of your Field Report as normal, including FLHA (if applicable) and Work Item details like Actual Qty. Then, go to the "Report Files" section under Work Item Details.

review dpr with edit work item files

Step 2

Tap the "See All" link to open the folders view. Here, you'll be able to see any folders you've already created for this Work Item, and make some more.

2-WI details to Files page - small

Step 3

Tap the (+) button at the top right to open the "Add" menu. When it opens, select "Create a Folder".

create a folder

Then, type in a name for your folder in the popup, and press "Create".

4-Report files - 3 - small

Step 4

You will finish with a view inside your new folder - it will be empty to start off. You can now tap the (+) at the top right to add files. Note that you can't add folders within folders at this time.

5-See photos - 1 - small

Step 5

Return to the "all folders" page (shown below) by pressing the "Back" arrow at the top left. You can then see other folders in your report, or return to the Work Item Details screen of your draft report by pressing "Back" again.

6-See photos - 2 - small

The Work Item Details screen will now show a thumbnail of each folder in the report, as well as any photos inside the main report folder.

7-See photos - 3 - small


When you're finished adding your files, and filling out the rest of the report, just submit as normal! For more information on submitting Field Reports, check out our Field Report article.

Viewing Files and Folders from Work Items

You can also view (but not manage) files and folders directly from the Work screen.

Step 1

Open the Work screen and zoom on the map to see the section you want.

map with work items-1

Step 2

Tap on the work item you want to view, and the Work Item details will be displayed on the screen. 

work item with file

Step 3

Any files attached to the Work Item will be displayed in the Files section. Click See All to show all files and folders in the Work Item structure.

see all files

Step 4

Tap a folder to see any files attached at that level.

open work order folder