August 2019 Hotfix: FLHA Improvements


Download the FLHA report from web as a PDF

  • All visual updates in the “Improvements” section apply here too!


FLHA details report on web made simpler, more readable

  • FLHA Signature viewable on FLHA detail report
  • Show single line for requirements, instead of duplicating requirements for each hazard
  • Show Emergency Response Info on FLHA report
  • Store signature date/time and show on Web report
  • Move "Work Steps", remove "Associated Hazard" from requirements (cleaning up format)
  • Make "Name" the first column on Critical Requirements



  • Safety requirement files do not appear on web


  • "Save as Draft" button only interactable when all required fields are filled.
  • When closing out the FLHA report, the text field still says "Optional" if you say an incident has occurred
  • If no PDF file is uploaded to a critical requirement, the FLHA marks the Critical Requirement section as complete, even thought the individual Critical Requirements are not marked as complete.
  • When filling out FLHA, the app requires a name in the permit name field even if the "Permit Not Required" button is checked off.
  • Double header is present when viewing pdf files in the FLHA
  • Can't share pdf file on FLHA

For a full list of updates, please see our Change Log.